11 Jan

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The City of Mbabane has less than 5 days worth of water left after its only source of water, the Hawane Dam dried.

The city is now rationing water, cutting off residents for up to two consecutive days at a time to slow down the rate of water drying out completely.Emergency measures started on Saturday with water being cut off from the western suburb of Checkers on Saturday and Sunday.

Swaziland Water Services Corporation spokesperson Nomahlubi Matiwane said this morning the city now has less than five days worth of water in the Hawane Dam. Unless it rains, the city will run out of water.

Emergency measures now being implemented include the construction of 15 boreholes in each of the city’s municipal wards. Residents will fetch water from the boreholes using containers. Twelve boreholes have now been sunk and pumps are awaited.

Matiwane said other parts of the country that are at a lower altitude than Mbabane do not have a problem so far.

The drought crisis has been digging Swaziland deep since the beginning 2015. The drought killed at least 25,000 cattle in the lowveld last year. Except for the Highveld, maize farmers throughout the country failed to plant. As a result, the National Disaster Management Board (NDMA) is projecting a zero 2016 maize harvest.

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